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NY CDL drivers submit your DOT medical card to the DMV to avoid license downgrade.

By Randolph Rosarion M.D., Feb 12 2015 07:30PM

**Note: This is a private medical company that performs DOT physicals and offers driver services. We are NOT affiliated with the DMV**

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Drivers are coming in because they have forgotten to renew their Medical Examiner's Certificate or neglected to do so for various reasons. If you have received this letter: "Notice of Non-Compliance and License Downgrade", then contact the NYS DMV Medical Certification Unit at the address listed below after you have passed your DOT physical exam and received your Medical Examiner's Certificate (MEC). The completed certificate can be returned by mail, fax, and now e-mail! If you do not, you will be in violation of the New York State vehicle and Traffic Law section 510-aa and your license will be downgraded to a non-commercial driver's license on the effective date on your letter. (usually the DMV requires you to submit the MEC 20 days prior to the effective date of downgrade). Contact DOT physical NYC at 718-939-9020 to get your DOT physical examination now and avoid downgrading your CDL.

Submit to: New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

Medical Certification Unit

PO Box 2601

Albany, NY 12220-0601

Fax to: 518-486-4421 or 518-486-3260


The NYS DMV reccomends that you check your own Medical Certification status to ensure that your Medical Examiner's Certificate has been upgraded by creating an account at

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