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Drivers Get Your DOT Physical - Don't Let Your CDL Get Downgraded!

By Randolph Rosarion M.D., Mar 17 2014 05:13PM

We have had a few CDL drivers come in worried after they received the dreaded downgrade letter from NYS DMV. Either they forgot to mail in their Self Certification Letter by the January 30, 2014 deadline or just ignored it. OOps! I know how that goes. We all have busy schedules. Well here's the deal. If your letter states an effective date for your downgrade, you probably missed one too many reminders which had a deadline listed on it. In that case there should be a fax number to fax your renewed Medical Examiner's Certificate to Albany. This should be done immediately! We can fax it for you, after you pass your DOT physical and receive your Certificate. You should also mail the Medical Examiner's Certificate to the Albany address as well. However, If your letter has a deadline of at least 2 weeks or more you should have ample time to mail the Medical Examiner's Certificate to Albany. Avoid delays, so make sure your Certificate is properly filled out and on a 81/2" by 11" paper, otherwise it might be returned to you. Call us at 718-701-5949 to schedule your DOT physical now. $65.00.

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